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All of our poster signs are printed on heavy 30lb paper. This allows you to sand the reverse side of the paper creating a much thinner sign for realistic application.

Note: We print scales for our sign sheets (HO & N) but realize there is no scale for poster ad signs. For example, a small HO sign can be a large N scale sign. With that said, we do offer N-scale version of our most popular sign sets. They are just sized down 50% from the HO version, but they still can be used in any scale.

View our complete product listing of HO Scale Signs.

View our complete product listing of N Scale Signs.

Tips for Sign/Billboard Application and Weathering:

No layout is complete without signs or billboards. Our signs can be used on building walls or billboards of any type. Weathering supplies required if you plan to add realistic weathering to your signs include:

  • One pint rubbing alcohol with with 3-4 teaspoons black India ink added
  • Black and/or rust weathering chalk
  • Fine steel wool
  • Fine sandpaper, 150 grit recommended
  • White glue
A unique and realistic way to apply a sign to the side of a structure:
Turn the entire sign sheet over. Using fine sandpaper, begin sanding the back side of your sign sheet. Thin the sign sheet as much as possible without tearing it. Using fine steel wool, lightly rub vertically on the face of your sign. Be careful if you don't want to much color distortion. Apply an even coat of alcohol ink stain using a soft bristle brush. Allow to dry thoroughly. Trim out desired sign selection using an x-acto knife and straight edge. Coat the back of your sign with Elmer's glue. Apply sign to your structure, using fine blunt tool (e.g. small paint brush handle), push sign into brick or clapboard siding to obtain a 'painted on' look. Glue will ooze out from under sign, wipe away with your finger before it dries.

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